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Villa 201

Rivièra Maison ‘meets’ Caribbean

Surprisingly spacious and magnificent sea views

One of the best spots

Upon entering the villa the sea views are breathtaking. The front of the villa is almost fully opened by the folding French doors with shutters and shows a panoramic sea view over the front terrace with lovely pool. The side of the house also has French doors. This gives a very nice effect and also ensures that the cooling northeast trade winds may well pass through the living room and kitchen.

The front patio is spacious and has several terraces and shady spots. The pool can be bordered bij a railing to provide extra safety for small children. Good to know if you wish to rent out the villa. The vegetation around the porch, including beautiful mature palm trees, ensures optimal privacy. The side terrace accommodates a lovely shaded seating and dining area.

The asking price for this property is € 630,000 (buyer pays closing costs).

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Rivièra Maison

In the living room a nice spacious lounge area and an office corner are created. The interior decorating is mainly by the brand Rivièra Maison, very attractive and very appropriate to the house and the tropical atmosphere. The inventory is available to take over by the new owner. On the same floor level the spacious master bedroom with balcony, en suite bathroom and walk in closet are situated.

The wide staircase at the front gives access to the lower floor with three bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. The villa’s design follows the sloping lot, creating a surprisingly spacious ground floor. Around the house is a beautiful versatile tropical landscaped garden, which seamlessly blends into the green belt. The gray-white color combinations make for a modern look. The porch and sunshades create a playful effect. On the plot, which is separated from the road by a solid entrance gate, much parking space is provided.