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Villa 539

Unique lookout point at one of the highest positions on Coral Estate

At one of the highest positions in the beautiful phase 5 at Coral Estate, almost at the end of a cul-de-sac where only local traffic comes, Villa 539 is situated. From Villa 539, located high up, you will overlook a large part of the magnificent Coral Estate Resort and enjoy 180˚ panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea. From this unique lookout point you can see the azure blue waters and the passing ships and regularly passing dolphins.

Villa 539 was designed by the well-known local architect Ronny Lobo. His signature is clearly recognizable. In this design, he also ensured a very pleasant living environment.

In addition to Villa 539, the owner has a free building plot available (lot 538) which is also available for sale.

The asking price for Villa 539 is € 735,000 (buyer pays closing costs).

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This lovely villa has a number of pleasant features. Like frequent use of shutters, alternating with windows and switched panels with air passages that provide natural ventilation with the cooling wind flowing through the villa. Use of air conditioning is hardly necessary.

Glazed light gray tiles with air holes and an additional insulation layer underneath it protect against the sun and ensure that the roof does not emit heat inside. The very spacious overhang over the veranda creates a fantastic outdoor living room.

The villa consists of 4 interconnected rectangles. The villa has a nice variation in shape and a good balance. Thanks to this positioning, each room also has a sea view.


The front of the villa has a general purpose function. A spacious veranda with adjoining a swimming pool with terrace, living room and adjoining a spacious kitchen with “door frame”. Thus, there is a convenient connection between the kitchen and living room.

At the back of the villa there are 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. All rooms have sea views and are lovely cool, thanks to the cooling breeze which is always present.

Below the villa there is space for parking two cars. There is also a locked and open storage space. On both sides of the villa compact terraces are positioned. As a cherry on the cake you walk over a beautifully laid path at the top of the cliff edge. The magnificent view of Rif Sint Marie’s saltpans is enchanting from here. With some luck you can hear the flamingos passing by.

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